Dan Feiff is the man from the city of Gothenburg who 2007 started Feiff Music, in an attempt, to live up to his dream.

Which means do what he loves to do as his livelihood, entertain and compose music. Dan Feiff co-works and co-writes with other songwriters and music producers, among others through the songwriting- and musicproducers-project SoundMasters, started by Music Factory in Skara.

Feiff Music delivers own-labeled music and jingles with a lot of sense. Feiff Music also offers qualitative entertainment for events, quicktime music productions on hen- or bachelor-parties and other happenings.


You're welcome to listen to Dan's music.
Just click on the PL-button and the player will show you the playlist.
Some of the songs are co-written and produced by Chris Meyer, Samuel Bruun, Joel Wessman and Carl Lidberg. 
The songs are copyright protected and no download is allowed.
If you are interested in the songs contact Mr Dan Feiff.


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